Double cleansing is a cornerstone of Korean skin-care routines. Thanks to its simplicity and benefits, the double cleansing method has grown increasingly popular worldwide with celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Queen Caroline Hirons singing its praises.

But what is double-cleansing? And why is it a big deal? We’re here to tell all!

Double cleansing: a brief history
The double cleanse is a practice that originated in Asia in the 14th century when Korean and Japanese geishas used cleansing oils and foaming cleansers to remove their white makeup. Like other Korean skincare methods (we’re looking at you, seven skins!), this Asian skincare routine has been popularized over the past decade by celebrities, beauty vloggers, and skincare fanatics.

What is it?
Korean skincare has a core focus on respecting your skin. Educating skincare lovers on the prevention of aging, spots, inflammation, acne, dry patches, and more, Korean skincare products work with your skin’s natural ecosystem to cleanse, hydrate, nourish and protect for happy and healthy skin.
The double cleansing method is a popular Korean skincare technique that consists of a two-step cleansing routine. As part of a double cleanse, you’ll wash your face twice—once with an oil or cream-based cleanser and again with a water-based cleanser.

The purpose of the first cleanse is to break down makeup, sunscreen, and other oil-based impurities that are likely to clog your pores. The second cleanse is to rinse off traces of the first cleanser, wash away the oil residue, freshen up your pores and prepare your skin for the rest of your skincare routine.

The benefits of double cleansing
Your skin is pretty important—it protects you from outside elements and helps keep you alive (pretty cool if you ask us). It's super sensitive though, so the types of products you use can affect how healthy and happy it is in a big way.
If your cleansing routine isn’t properly cleaning your skin, the natural balance is likely disrupted, causing your skin to act out by breaking out or getting irritated – yikes! Keeping your skin clean is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy skin barrier for happy, glowing skin.

Double cleansing provides more control over the level of thoroughness of your skincare routine, offering a deep clean that revitalises dull skin by removing residue and blockages so that your skincare products can penetrate more deeply.

A well-loved form of Korean skincare, the double cleansing method perpetuates the idea of prevention. Like other Korean skincare steps, double cleansing can help to prevent sebum build-up and bacteria, fending off acne-related flare-ups and premature ageing by maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Double cleanse like a pro
A double cleanse routine incorporates two different products to remove your makeup and cleanse your face. Like any skincare products, your double cleansing products should be tailored to suit your skin type and needs.

Full-glam girls & those with oily or combination skin
For full-glam makeup lovers and those with oily skin, the first step of a double cleanse should incorporate an oil, cream, or balm cleanser to break down makeup, dirt and grime to wipe away the day. Oil-based cleansers are great for carefully dislodging full-glam makeup looks without needing to scrub at your face and pull at your skin. Breaking down the oil on your skin so it can be washed away, an oil cleanser is the best for removing sunscreen and other products that are hiding in your pores.

Did you know? Cleopatra was known to use an oil cleanser to remove her makeup before washing with water.

A hydrating water-based gel or milk cleanser is the ideal second step, rinsing away any oil residue without leaving your skin feeling stripped and uncomfortable.

Glass skin fanatics & those with dehydrated skin
Though it is possible to over-wash your face, especially when your skin is prone to dry patches, double cleansing is a fantastic option for even the most dehydrated skin types.

Thirst-quenching emollients like cleansing balms and milk cleansers are the ideal products for the first cleanse. Balms, gels, and milks not only help to break down products and sunscreens but boost hydration for total restoration of your skin’s barrier. Look for products that are infused with soothing ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oils for an extra boost of hydration.

To aid hydration and calm, water-based cleansers are perfect for the second cleanse. Gentle products like micellar water will leave a little moisture without leaving your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Since dehydrated skin is more prone to premature ageing, added anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid are ideal to keep your skin feeling fresh and well-nourished.

Why double cleanse?
Double cleansing may seem like a lot of work at first, but it's a super-easy way to keep your skin clean and hydrated. This one extra step in your skincare routine will take no more than 30 seconds and contribute to softer, smoother, and happier skin than ever before.

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Melissa Redshaw