We naturally shed dead skin to reveal newer skin cells about every 28 days. This cycle gets longer as we age and it’s harder for skin to resurface naturally.
Exfoliating is like lending a helping hand to buff away dead skin cells, keeping your skin softer, smoother and clearer with a healthy glow! It can also really help to balance and repair all skin types.
Exfoliating is great for all skin types, and how often you should exfoliate will vary based on the product you’re using (and your skin type). Generally speaking;
  • Dry, mature and sensitive skin types: once a week
  • Combination and oilier skin types: 2-3 times a week
If the exfoliant is gentle enough it could even be used on a daily basis.
MANUAL EXFOLIANTS - often have what we call ‘scrubby bits’. They have a granular texture and are generally masks, gels or cream-based scrubs that are rinsed off. Remember to be kind to your skin and don't scrub the living hell out of it. If you are still using St. Ives Apricot Scrub FFS throw it out now!
CHEMICAL EXFOLIANTS - these normally work a little harder than their manual sisters and are usually acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid or malic acid. ‘Acid’ might sound scary, but most acids are naturally derived or occur in our body. They are made with varying, safe concentrations, but always start lower and build up (if you need to) after consistent use.
Exfoliating is a super easy step to slip into your existing skincare routine. Just pop it in right after cleansing and, in most cases, you can follow with the rest of your routine as normal.
Be sure to check the instructions for chemical exfoliants as most are formulas you leave on for a set amount of time (or even overnight).
  • FRESH, CLEAN BASE – because you’ve helped remove the ‘dead’ skin cells (RIP), your products can absorb better and penetrate deeper. That means nutrient-rich ingredients and antioxidants in your serums and moisturisers will work more effectively to improve your skin.
  • RESTORE & PREVENT – not only does exfoliation help to smooth skin, it also can unclog pores and prevent breakouts by removing the older skin that covers the pores.
  • IMMEDIATE & LONG-TERM RESULTS – you are likely to see softer, smoother skin soon after exfoliating, and even more of a glow. Long-term, with consistent use, exfoliants with beneficial active ingredients will improve tone and texture, and reduce signs of premature aging! LOVE THAT!
Krave Beauty, Kale-lalu-yAHA
Try saying Kale-lalu-yAHA 5 x times fast! This is a medium strength glycolic acid (otherwise known as an AHA) chemical exfoliant that helps to clear dead skin cells. It’s balanced with deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of dark leafy greens that provide an amazing antioxidant boost that your skin will love.
This is a leave-on exfoliant recommended for use in the evening after cleansing. You apply this like a toner and follow with your serum and moisturiser!
NEOGEN, Bio-peel Pads
This product contains 30 patented hypoallergenic cotton gauze pads which are a combination of manual and chemical exfoliation and can be used 1-2 times a week.
The pads are soaked in hard-working active antioxidant ingredients that help to gently exfoliate, and remove excess sebum, dirt, and impurities, whilst also brightening your skin and boosting overall skin health (we’re talking tone, texture and protecting against damage).
These cult-favourite pads are oh so simple to use. Start with the gauze side, swipe all over and into the nooks and crannies, flip it over then wipe away all the muck with the quilted side. Leave on for a minute and, hey presto, you’re done! Rinse off and continue with your usual skincare routine.
Available in Green Tea, Lemon or Wine!
Son & Park, Beauty Water
This baby can do it all (well, almost). It doubles as a cleanser/toner by purifying while mildly exfoliating with white willow bark and papaya extract. It also contains witch hazel, which is bad news for blemishes and great news for gorgeous skin.
Beauty water can be used morning and night and is easy peasy. Soak a cotton pad, sweep across your face, and follow with your normal skincare routine. If you’re not wearing makeup and feel a bit oily or ‘meh’, it’s also great to quickly swipe across during the day to refresh your skin.
Some exfoliants (usually chemical) can make the skin a bit more sensitive so always follow with a nutrient-rich nourishing serum and moisturiser and wear a high-value SPF during the day.
Now go get that glowing skin!
Melissa Redshaw